Loco locomobile-1 based on the Ural NEXT

Car special Loco-1 based on the Ural NEXT (with adaptations for movement on rails) is designed to carry cargo and processing equipment on roads and Railways, as well as use as a tractive vehicle during shunting work on the Railways enterprises.

Standard body – side platform (useful length of…mm 3660 4400). It is possible to replace on any chassis.

Equipped with automatic transmission “ALLISON” 3000 series.

Loco locomobile-1 NPO “Vector” is an alternative to shunting diesel locomotives of medium and light classes, is a generic rail vehicle built on the basis of the heavy vehicle. The locomobile can be used not only as an effective shunting technique, but also as a professional work vehicle with the use of various attachments.

Applicability of portable engine Loco-1:

  • Construction and maintenance of railway and tram ways different rut;
  • Use as tractor: can pull up to 1,500 tons at a speed of 80 km/h;
  • The carrying out of shunting works;
  • Repair of contact networks;
  • Freight large volumes;
  • Assistance in disaster management;
  • Transportation of repair crews, etc.

The advantages of steam engines before shunting locomotives:

  • Cost efficiency and fast ROI: reduced operating costs by 50-80%;
  • Versatility: for repairs does not require a special DEPOT;
  • Efficiency: the solution of problems towing and maneuvering, independent of the condition and load of train paths and schedules by route to work and back not on the railway, and automotive.
  • Versatility: the use of steam engines as truck, repair, diagnostic and linear rail vehicles.
  • The possibility of using steam engines to clear paths of snow in winter and the surrounding areas, from branches of trees and shrubs in the summer.
  • No restrictions to use: controlled by a regular driver and travels on public roads.

At the customer’s request, installation of additional equipment:

  • Craniomandibular installation;
  • Front automatic coupling device SA-3;
  • Front blade;
  • Front cleansing brush.
Length, mm 8520 11900…
Width, mm 2550
Height, mm 2900…3200
Weight parameters and load:  
Curb weight, kg 9540 12340…
Full weight, kg 17300 20300…
Maximum speed:
on highways, km/h 90
– on the railroad, km/h, not more 30
Minimal radius of passable curves on the railroad, m 40
Greatest permissible trailer weight on the rail/road t 1000
Type: diesel with turbocharger and air cooling YAMZ 536
-the number and arrangement of cylinders 6 inline
-a working volume, l 6,65
-compression 17,5
Maximum power, kW (HP)* 176,5 (240) … 229 (311,5)
Maximum torque, Nm (минֿ1) 900 (1300…1600) … 1226 (1300…1600)
Gearbox (make, type) Automatic transmission Allison 3000 series
Tires ID-304 y-4 12.00 R20
Equipment train speed Front and rear rail bogies, front and rear automatic coupler type CA-3, brakes W/e speed

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