Disinfection refers to the process of removing microorganisms and contamination from materials. Disinfection does not always kill all infectious bacteria, including resistant bacteria spores; it’s much less efficient than standard sterilization, an extreme chemical or physical process that literally kills all forms of life. In fact, it’s not even as good at killing bacteria spores as freezing or thawing them; although it kills most bacteria spores, some will remain behind and infect healthy people who come into contact with the contaminated substance, like after touching a contaminated object or coming in contact with the person who created the contaminated object. When disinfection cannot be used or if the environment is too harsh for normal methods, it’s necessary to use a more advanced process known as disinfection through radiation (DTR) or by ultraviolet light (UV). DTR and UV both use ultraviolet light to kill harmful microorganisms. While DTR and UV are used for different purposes, their primary purpose is to kill harmful organisms.

The best way to prevent any potentially dangerous microorganism from spreading is through proper sanitation and hygiene. Proper sanitation means keeping clean bathrooms and kitchens, washing your hands before and after touching any substance, and keeping yourself and others from coming in contact with such substances. Proper hygiene means taking care to wash your hands and body thoroughly after eating and applying any material to avoid spreading germs, and avoiding contact with objects that contain bacteria (like the ones mentioned above and food containers) to avoid passing germs back and forth between people. It also means not allowing other people to touch your skin directly or the contaminated material. If desinfección del hogar ‘ve ever been in close contact with someone with a cold or flu virus, you know how contagious these infections can be, and how important it is to keep yourself and your family as healthy as possible.

As a medical field, disinfection is still largely misunderstood and misused. A simple disinfectant (water or alcohol) will do the job of killing bacteria and germ spores. But it won’t kill or even harm viruses and parasites. It doesn’t kill microbes like MRSA, HIV, and others that cause serious illness. For this reason, doctors use other techniques such as UV or DTR to kill dangerous microorganisms.

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