4 Most Common Mistakes Homeowners Commit When Buying Customized Furniture Pieces


Have you recently realized that your house needs some improvement to increase comfortability, functionality, and aesthetics? If so, you are probably on the lookout for the perfect furniture pieces in the market. There are those in the color pink, red, yellow, white and so many more options. In terms of style, there are those in modern, minimalist, mid-century, and industrial. Despite these wide-range choices, there is a high chance that you haven’t found the perfect pieces for your house because they do not exist.

Perfect furniture pieces that would suit your lifestyle and preferences must be created. You should be in control of the color, design, and size, hence what you need to buy are customized ones. Since you are part of the decision-making process before manufacturing them, there would be little to no flaws and design errors. However, it comes with expensive price tags so you have to make sure you are making the right decisions and avoid any miscalculations. Check out the list below of the five common mistakes homeowners commit when buying customized pieces.

Settling with classic and neutral design and colors

The majority of homeowners are too afraid to commit mistakes so they try to play safe by choosing classic and neutral designs for their handmade cushions and made-to-measure curtains which are too widespread nowadays. You should not do the same because the purpose of customizable furniture pieces is to create a unique color and pattern. If your house is composed of different and special items, you would feel more satisfied and realize that it’s worth your investment.

Think about the color, shape, and fabric that your handmade cushions and other items must have to ensure that they would reflect your style and personality. When ordering, you should go for something that can spark joy in your life.

Mistakes in the sizes of handmade cushions and other customizable pieces

One of the benefits of purchasing customizable pieces is that you have the power to dictate their sizes in order to perfectly fit in your house and lifestyle. For instance, if you are purchasing handmade cushions, you have to make sure that the size works well on the couch. To accommodate more people in your living room, you may opt for a larger sofa with specific or awkward measurements.

Most homeowners don’t allocate enough time to measure the available space for their customizable pieces so they end up regretting their purchases. If you think that you can’t measure the dimensions yourself, you may consult the seller if you can request someone who can do it for you.

Do not bother to ask for fabric samples

If you are planning to buy handmade cushions and made-to-measure curtains in a physical store, you would be able to personally see the kind of fabrics and finishes that they will have. However, if you are about to order from an online shop, you don’t have assurance if the color, pattern, and texture that you see on their website would be the same in person.

One of the mistakes homeowners commit is that they don’t bother to ask for fabric samples that would guide them in making purchase decisions. As a responsible buyer, you should always order samples of the fabrics to know if they can stand the test of time and how the home’s lighting can affect its color. Moreover, it will allow you to see how it looks against other furniture pieces you already have in your house.

Underestimating the impact of rugs

More often than not, homeowners underestimate the impact of rugs so they no longer allocate time and money to purchase one. However, interior designers recommend that this decorative item is a good starting point. If you already have one make sure that your customizable pieces can sit perfectly on it but if it feels too awkward, you might want to purchase a larger or smaller one. You must be able to position the rug in such a way that it extends under all the furniture pieces that are placed on top of it.

In a Nutshell

It is never easy to purchase customizable furniture pieces as it requires enough time, effort, and money. Make sure to not commit the same mistakes listed above that everyone makes when purchasing customizable pieces.


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